Status and fees


PairTrade FeeMin orderStatus
BTC/RSD0.25 %0.0001inactive
SFX/RSD0.25 %10inactive
SFT/RSD0.25 %10inactive
ETH/RSD0.25 %0.0001inactive
SFX/BTC0.25 %1.2active
SFT/BTC0.25 %10active
ETH/BTC0.25 %0.0001active
SFT/SFX0.25 %10active
ETH/SFX0.25 %0.0001active
WSFX/SFX0.05 %0.0001active

Deposits & Withdrawals

BTCfreeactive 0.00051 BTCactive
RSD1.1 %inactive 1.1 %inactive
SFXfreeactive 2 SFXactive
WSFXfreeactive 10 WSFXactive
SFTfreeactive 5 SFTactive
ETHfreeactive 0.0033 ETHactive


Crypto deposits are processed in real time 24/7. They are credited to your account once the transaction reaches the minimum confirmation times on its respective blockchain.

Fiat deposits are processed only during the Business Hours of the respective currency. Monday- Friday daily deposits are processed except on banking holidays


Crypto withdrawals are processed at least once per day. All withdrawals undergo auditing and verification prior to being authorized to be released. These measures are in place to protect the user experience of this exchange. Crypto withdrawals are processed by at least 12:00pm UTC when all withdrawals for the previous 24 hours will be processed. Xcalibra utilizes automation in the withdrawal process, however, only after an auditor's scrutiny.

Fiat withdrawals are processed daily by noon of the respective national headquarters for the previous 24 hours of withdrawal requests.